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An Oops Celeb pic is when a celebrity is caught accidentally nude, usually by the paparazzi. The thing about oops pics is that she doesn't want you to see her tits and/or pussy (these aren't nude scenes from movies where she knows we're all gonna see her) but Mr Paparazzi is alert and catches her out!

Take this example of Elizabeth Hurley on the left. She obviously thinks she's alone on her private beach but Mr Paparrazi is hiding hundreds of yards away with a zoom lens and photographs her pussy as she tries to quickly change her bikini panties! Woo-hoo, awesome nude oops pic!

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Not a genuine oops pic Sandra, you don't get to be in this site like thatNow you'll only see genuine oops pics at Oops Celebs, none of this staged crap. By that I mean pics like this one on the right of Sandra Bullock. Sure we can see her tits, but she knows we can. In a desperate attempt to grab a few column inches and boost her flagging career she wears a see through top and no bra to a party. Is it sexy? Sure! Is it an oops pic? No way. Pics like these aren't inside Oops Celebs.

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See hundreds of Oops Celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Paris Hilton and many more. They don't want you to see them accidentally nude, but they have no choice. Read on and find out how to see all of our oops celeb pics for FREE!

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